Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why William calls me Hitler.

I am a cheap-o, a penny pincher. I am not scared to admit that either. I like to know what we have, and what we can to better to save money and live within our MY budget. You may remember this POST that talks about our budget, and how we keep track of money.

I stick to this budget religiously. Although we have stopped doing the envelope method, I am stricter on our budget now more than ever. Opening up a new business takes its toll on the owners for the first little bit. So right now we don’t have a budget other than DO NOT SPEND A SINGLE PENNY OR I WILL KILL YOU. The husband is still alive, so its working out quite well.

I took this “Hitler” thing to a whole new level. I made bran- muffins the other day and knowing William all 24 of these would have been gone in the first 2 days with the way he eats them. So when he came home and started to dig in I told him he had to limit his rations to 2 per day. He laughed, until he saw I was serious.

I am constantly asking/ telling William to do this and do that. I know that I need to cool it a little but seriously, if I ask him nicely it doesn't get done. So what choice do I have other than asking 14,000 times a day? Right? No? OK, I know and agree I need to be nicer to this cute husband of mine!

So whenever I turn into the demanding, selfish, crazy lady that I am sometimes, William will put up his pointer finger in the shape of a mustache over his top lip and just look at me.

The other day he said he is going to make a mustache and attach it to a stick like you see in those photo booths, and hold it up every time I turn into Hitler.

Lets hope I am not a reincarnation.

XOXO, Tere


  1. you're just like hitler, just like him.

    bran muffins? i'm more worried at how quickly he ate all those.. BRAN.. oh man, i would hate to be him.

    as long as I'm not in debt, i'm totally fine.

  2. ha. Dan calls me "scuffany". I'm pretty sure it means the same thing as Hitler.

  3. Someone's gotta do it! Might as well be you! haha


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