The beginning

Girl dates boys friend.
Girl meets boy.
Girl HATES boy.
Boy is arrogant.

A few years pass, no contact.

Girl's cousin comes home from LDS Mission.
This night boy thinks girl is hot. (hehe)
Boy MYSPACES girl.
Girl not interested. Ignores boy.
Girl tells mother about boy stalking her on myspace.
Mother tells girl to give boy chance.
Girl listens.

First Date July 2008

I couldn't tell you what we did on that first date, but it was magical.
Boy is total gentlemen.
Not to mention boy had a fabulous car.
Boy drops girl off at home.

No Kiss.

Girl tells mother "I guarantee I marry that boy one day"
Mother laughs.

Boy and Girl engaged January 2009.
Boy and Girl married for time and eternity May 2009.

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