Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Do you instagram?

Here are the tid bits from the last week- er so.

 If you follow me (which you should), you most likely think I am a freak from all the Dog Photos I post. I cant help it, I love my pups and think they are the best ever. Top right is Sam, the 85lb boxer, asleep in my bed. Of course William wasn't home, he would have killed me.

 I had to work at the bike shop one Saturday. Basically I know next to nothing about bikes, but it sure was fun trying to pretend that I know the difference between a tube and a tire!

This is what our weekend looked like. His & her things, Nitro-Circus, Myspace photo in the movie theater bathroom (im really mature), and an outfit.

September 18th the new Killer's CD came out and my super cute co-worker/ friend make these for everyone in the office. Sexy brother. Wearing husbands shirt, why are they so much more comfy than ours?

Whatever. I couldn't get it to turn around.
As I was looking at this is the preview I noticed something fun. The cloud looks like an alien spaceship and the blue below looks as if its trying to beam up strawberry man, and the eskimo thing. Does anyone know what that is? 

I met a real life blogger friend guys. Her name is Shay, and she is crazy weird. Kidding. We met at Red Robin, (a public place in case she was a creep) and had dinner. We bonded over other blogs we follow, talked about life, and even got a little personal. I seriously felt like I had known her forever, and she was a close friend. She was so open and sincere, and completely sarcastic like myself, which is good because sometimes I am overly sarcastic and it comes across in a not so good way. I felt like a total fatty because she basically didn't even touch her food. But whatever. After that we made our way to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt. It was amazing, and delicious. We colored these pictures, then went door bell ditching/ just left them on the front porch. It was seriously the funniest thing ever. Then our night ended.

Hope your all having a fabulous week!

P.S. You guys would be embarrassed of me if you could see all the typo's I make in my blog drafts. Seriously, total embarrassment.

XOXO, Tere


  1. Love that you and Shay met! I can only imagine how hilarious you two are together (which I better find out NEXT Saturday, the 20th! Or ELSE!) And I always eat triple the amount of food that she does.

  2. Oh look at you talking about meeting me.

    My food was gross. I didn't like it, yo.

    The yogurt? I loved, but not as much as I loved you and reading your insight into meeting this lunatic.

    I'll see you soon. like this weekend or I'll shit.

    1. Please don't shit. Because then you will smell, and I can't handle smells. Friday?


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