Thursday, September 27, 2012

Be Proud.

So I have been following this super amazing gal named Rachele who blogs over at The Near Sighted Owl. She does a link up called "Im proud of my size". Ill let you read in her own words about this link up. It has special meaning to her, and its a great one to be apart of.

My Rachele's Mission:All sizes are beautiful! Don't be ashamed of your number or keep it from living your life and doing what you love. There is no perfect or wrong size. It doesn't determine our worth and nobody has the right to judge someone's health by their size. So let's show the world that every size can be happy and that we are not ashamed!

How to participate:

I would love to see all different sizes represented in this link up. Whether you are a 0 or 32, participate! This is a weekly feature so each link up will be open for one week. You can add your link anytime during the week. All genders, sexes and non-genders are welcome to join in. Use whatever sizing you are most familiar with. You can link up with me every week with a new post or join in every once in a while! The rules are simple. Post a photo of yourself on your blog, feeling confident. Post a full body shot, so head to toe! State your size in your blog post or with a graphic on your photo. No diet talk, weight loss talk, negativity or any type of body shaming allowed. This is about being happy with your size and shape, not because it is socially acceptable, healthy or better than others. Then come back here and add your link using the link tool at the end of this post.

So here goes. I know you have already seen these photos from The Messy Project, but I dont have any other full body ones on my computer as of now. So join dont complain mmkay?

Be proud of your size, dont let society tell you what is beautiful. Too skinny, too fat, too many curves its all beautiful and it makes you who you are.

It would make for a boring world to all be the same.

XOXO, Tere


  1. Go Tere, Go! I love this idea.

    What a great gal you got there who started it all up :)

  2. I'm In!

    Popped in from the Nearsighted Owl's linkup.

  3. I love this idea. I try to tell people all the time that it's NOT about the number on the scale or the size, it's about feeling healthy and loving yourself at all sizes. I think you are GORGEOUS!


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