Wednesday, September 5, 2012

XOXO, Gossip Girl

So its officially been one week since I started this weight loss challenge. I thought that doing it with a group and sharing everything would motivate me and get me going. Everyone knows my real weight and if that is not embarrassing enough they have seen a picture of me almost naked. Scary, right. Well to be honest I SUCKED this first week. It is hard to get up and be motivated to work out and to not eat that double chocolate muffin! Which I totally ate.. So here is to week 2,  and hopefully I will be better about working out and eating right. I am down 1.5lbs and 1/2 inch off of my thighs, stomach, butt, and waist total inches is 3 inches. So that is good for not doing too much working out right?

Have you notice The Messy Project button over there ----> Kelly sent out an email today saying that our article of clothing is on its way! Seriously, so excited. You should be too. Check out what the Messy Project is about and you should probably sign up for the next month while you are checking it out. Its going to be a complete blast!

On to the Insta-Life.. because I know you all wonder what I am doing during the week! You stalkers.

Seriously? This is ridiculous. Maybe I just think that because I AM NOT pregnant, but how will they know if I am or am not right? I totally park in this spot. Sorry all you real preggers out there!
Don't judge. I totally put up Fall decor. I need to now switch my summer scentsy for my fall ones.

My sister had her sweet 16 party. How fun right. Look at this freaking pool. It was big enough to paddle board in. We were jumping off the roof into the pool. The house has 38 bedrooms, a full rock climbing wall, and trampoline inside. It was huge.

Are you dying right now? We went to go to the hot tub the other night and saw this!

The funny things married couples do late at night.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.
JK, JK. I am not Gossip Girl, just been obsessed with the show these last few weeks.

XOXO, Tere


  1. i love fall decor, totally bring it out! and that pool = amazing!!

    Classic & Bubbly

    1. The pool was amazing. I cant wait for fall, ahhh just the cooler weather will be nice.

  2. I need a freaking pool like that!! and that poop sign?!? Is that for real???

  3. It's Jeremy Johnson's house. Enough said right. Yes that sign was at Mesa Falls. Gross huh?

  4. Oh, you will understand the "Expectant Mother" sign someday...and you will appreciate the effort. No, they can't tell if you are prego or not in the first bit of pregnancy, but I don't think it's for those prego women. I think it's for the third trimester, barely able to move her body, waddler, with a baby on her hip and one in the cart. (Welcome to my life)...I think its for her. So, next time I am huge and waddling from the boonyville of the parking lot in the middle of summer and I see some skinny, (clearly not prego) chick parked in that spot (you) I WILL key her car.

    ;)Definitely, maybe.

    1. Oh, and the poop sign....freaking nasty.

  5. oh gosh, getting up early and working out is always the hardest. but i promise you the second you walk out the door and realize there is no going back, you come back home after a good work out, you feel amazing and are ready to take on the day. good luck on week 2!! :)
    xo TJ

  6. Love that you are already putting up fall decor... I want to too! My favorite time of year!


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