Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Messy Holiday Weight Loss Project.

Oh my lanta!

Have you guys heard of Messy.Dirty.Hair? Its a beautiful blog written by the most lovable girl named Kelly. Its a blog about but not limited to fashion, life, embracing who you are, and her cute dog Max. Well Kelly started a project called The Messy Project. Its the most fabulous idea. The messy project is a way to show how one top/shirt/blouse worn by 5 different girls can look completely different and for the girl to show her own unique style. And guess what!?! I am going to participate for the month of September! Woohoo! Now I know what you are thinking, this isn't even a fashion blog.. Well that is OK because she told me I didn't have to be apart of a fashion blog to participate! So take that. I am so excited to be apart of The Messy Project, while I wouldn't say I am a walking fashion trend, I would say I have style.. somewhat. Right? If not, don't tell me as I would like to think that I am cute:) If your interested in Kelly's blog or being apart of The Messy Project you can find her button as well as the button for the project over on my side bar ----->.

Along with this I am also participating in a weight loss challenge with a lot of people I don't even know! Its called Hotties for Holidays. Its going to be a 2 month challenge to lose weight before the holidays. It starts next week Tuesday, and going until the week before Halloween. How scary is that? To participate in a weight loss challenge where I will be posting photos of myself, my body on a (private) facebook page with other contestants that I don't know! I am a little nervous as we will send in photos of ourselves before, during (one month in), and after. Photos of the scale with our weight on it for the world private facebook contestants to see. I think it will be good to actually have someone (or a million someones) to be accountable to. These are all people like myself that want to change their lives. While I know I am not what you would call a bigger person, I still have insecurities about my weight, and my body. I think everyone does. It will be good to be able to talk to others about struggles, and problems that will be faced with this challenge. It will also be good if I win, because that means I will win MONEY! Each person puts in $10. If your interested email me and I will get you the details on this challenge. Don't be scared, or intimidated because as nervous as you are and as I am, each person in the group is just as nervous, scared, and intimidated. We will do this together and hopefully get a jump start on a healthier life!

So with that being said hopefully before Halloween I will be a super sexy, fit, healthy, and stylish chicka!


XOXO, Tere


  1. that's awesome you're participating in the messy project! i love kelly, she's awesome!
    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie

  2. what a fun idea- And thanks sharing about Kelly; I am now anxious to catch up on her blog. Have a happy weekend! xo

  3. I'm excited to be doing the Messy project for September also! Should be loads of fun!

    Good luck on the weight loss challenge!!

  4. I love your blog! I followed! I would love it if you could check out my blog and follow me? Thanks so much!



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