Friday, July 6, 2012


You know your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, dads, and any other men in your life? Of course you do because they are in your life.
and sometimes do you look at them and think "wow, I hate you."
Its not a hate like you want them dead or anything but a hate like everything is so much easier for you so I hate you.
I do. Take this morning for example (or any morning):

I have to wake up at 8 am to get ready and be at work by 9. Unless I have to wash my hair then I have to be up at 7:30.
This is my morning routine.
Wake up
Quick shower
Get dressed (which is a challenge in its self because I never know what to wear)
Feed dogs
Do hair
Makeup (if I'm in that kind of mood)
Eat if time permits

So it takes me a good 45- 60 minutes every morning to get ready. Which isn't as long as it takes some people, I know this.

William doesn't have to wake up until 8:30 to be ready for work by 9.
His routine
Wake up
Gets dressed
Throws a hat on
Off to work

It takes him all of 15 minutes to get ready.


Then there is the time that you spend getting pretty. Let just list some differences shall we?

This is just SOME of the things we go through compared to the boys in our lives!


Anyways this is not even the post I intended to do hence the title CRISIS. Because ladies, I am having a crisis. I don't know what to do with my hair. It usually takes me a good 3-4 months just to decided what to do with my hair and by that time I do ANYTHING just so I don't have roots anymore, then I hate myself and my hair because I end up NOT liking it. Its a vicious cycle.

So I have compiled a "Look Book" for you to look at tell me what you like:) Blonde, Red, Black. Short, Medium, Long (ish). Short and Blonde? Short and Black? Short and Red?...  The list goes on and on!

So what do you think looks best on me?

On a lazy note: William and I went to my mother in laws house and borrowed her car for the 4th of July while she is in California. Its a beautiful yellow convertible Porsche. My car is at her house sitting with the empty light on, and I am too lazy to take her car back because that would mean going and putting gas in my car... LAZY.

XOXO, Tere


  1. I love the one in the very center! But I love it all! You are always cute!

  2. me too! the middle, horizontal three are my favorite!

  3. I really like the short platinum blonde. I think I like it so much because I so wish I could pull it off - and I can't - but you totally rock it!!

    Also I hate Jared every morning. He isn't even awake anymore when I leave. I wake up at 7, to be to work at 8 and he wakes up at 8:20 to be to work at 9! Just makes me angry!

  4. I LOVE you with the dark shoulder length hair!! It caught my eye and I can't stop adoring it :)

  5. Plus it's a lot healthier and easier to take care of ;)

  6. Yeah i'm definitely digging the dark! It is maybe you could do it in a couple months...and decide! haha!

    Amanda at
    we & serendipity

  7. I love you with dark hair (okay I love you anyway but you know what I mean!)

  8. Hahaha there are def times when I hate my boyfriend. Guys are just so annoying sometimes. I like your hair at the length in the top row second picture from the left. Have you thought about doing like a dirty blonde color? I think it would look great on you! Love all your fun hair styles!!

  9. Wow I totally understand how you feel. Men have it so easy. Then when you add kids to the mix it gets harder and getting ready takes longer. Ugh. Its the same thing every day. I normally have to wake up 3 hours in advance just to make sure everything is done.

    I love your wedding hair style! So cute. Or what about a pixie? I wish I could pull off a pixie cut. I think they are the cutest!

    P.S. I gave you an award on my blog.

  10. Tere - You are so lucky because you look awesome with all of these hairstyles! I think that is pretty cool - because not everyone could pull them off. I certianly can't. For the record though, I LOVE your hair blonde and really short. Maybe do a more natural looking blonde for easier up-keep? I think you would look great with a pixie. Love pixie cuts. Good luck! Whatever you decide will look great, I'm sure.

  11. I HATE you and William both for not having to go to work until 9 :) Ha ha, you know I kid! LOVE you. But seriously, we are up at 6 each morning. Kill me now!
    I love you blond. Ok?

  12. YES! Oh totally. I hate that it takes him so much less time to get ready. I wake up way before him, but he's always ready before me. What's wrong with the world?!

    I second the blonde motion.


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