Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favorite Date Night.

Ugh! Do you ever have those times where you just dont want to post? Maybe this makes me a bad blogger, I dont even care:) I have like 10 post already done, all I have to do is push publish. This girl is taking LAZY to a whole new level. But I am back now:)

While William and I were dating I told him that I don’t want flowers, or bath salts, or lotions for any holidays. I just think that those are the easy way out of a present. Flowers will die, and being a girl growing up with all the girl friends you better believe that you can stock up of bath salts, lotion, and all the other girly stuff you get for holidays.

This ladies, was a mistake. I can count on ONE hand how many times William has given me flowers in the last 3 years. Most of the time its after I complain about how he never gets me flowers! He always comes back with “you told me you never wanted flowers”. Oh, yea I did huh? Well sometimes it’s fun to get flowers for no reason. So then he will go and get me those flowers.

Anyways got a little off subject.

My favorite date night that William and I had was not the night that we would go to Vegas and shop till we drop. It wasn’t the dinner at Benja’s Thai and Sushi (which is my favorite restaurant in the whole world); it wasn’t the movies, or going out to some other cool restaurant. It was the time we went to Harmon’s Grocery store, got ourselves some sushi and went back to my house with a bottle of martinellies and a redbox. We sat on the floor laughing with each other, eating our sushi, drinking our drink, and being with him. I can’t remember what movie we watched (or didn’t watch) but I do remember thinking “this is the best date ever, and I am totally marrying this man one day”.

I just think that if guys knew just how much a simple date night like that meant to us girls we could save a lot of money. I know that going out sometimes is fun, and getting all dolled up and maybe even putting on some makeup is exciting, but sometimes those nights at home in sweat pants and a t shirt are even better.

Do you agree? 

This was us on one of the first trips that William took with my family up in Pine Valley!
Note: Do you see the ring on my left finger? I wore this ring ALL.THE.TIME. When I finally decided that I would be marrying this hunk next to me is when I took it off and may have told my mother that it finally wore out and broke!

What has been your favorite date night?

XOXO, Tere


  1. Hi Tere,

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award... you can check out the rules over at my page. Keep up the great writing!

    Also, that sounds like the perfect date...though to be honest I think anything that involves eating sushi is perfect!

  2. I love stories! Greetings from

    I'm your newest follower!

  3. You're a cutie pie! This doesn't make you a bad blogger at all. Best date night would have to be the silly ones where you plan thie big fun event and nothing goes through so instead, you go buy a blizzard and catch up on one-tree-hill! haha!

    Amanda at:

  4. Sounds like the perfect date to me. The simple ones are the best. However, I could use a day in Vegas. Hopefully, we will get that day in August. I miss living only 90 minutes away. Maybe the hubs and I should move back to St. George.

  5. ha ha I am not sure why but the story about the ring reminded me of when we were working, and Will said that he would wear his ring on a necklace for work, and well he spilled the beans that day and you mom kept trying to get you to drop more hints....ya that was funny!


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