Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Always hold hands.

When William and I went in to have our Stake Presidents interview to get our Temple Recommends so that we could be married he gave us great advice. Just thought I would share with you.

We went in that evening and I remember feeling so nervous. I am not even sure why I was nervous that is just the feeling I had. Maybe because I knew that I was going into this interview with the man I was going to marry, and didn’t want to mess anything up, maybe because I didn’t know if I would have all the answers for the interview. Either way, William was there to tell me everything was going to be fine. William went in first for his one on one, and then it was my turn. The individual interviews went great, and we “passed” the test!

We both went in for the couple’s interview. I don’t know what was said or what was asked, the only advice I remember getting was to Always Hold Hands. Our Stake President told us that as long as we are holding hands we could never be apart. That if we always hold hands we could always have that “honeymoon” stage forever. As I looked at William with tears welling up in his eyes, my eyes imitated his. He reached out his hand and I took it. I could feel the love of the Savior so close to my heart at that moment and I knew that this was the right choice for my life, for our life.

This was the single best bit of advice anyone could have given to a nervous couple about to get married. From then on, we have always strive to hold hands anywhere we go, or even if were at home sitting on separate couches you can bet that one of us will hold out our hand just so the other one can grab hold for a few seconds (while on commercial breaks, no need to interrupt Glee for a hand hold)

There are those times where I am so mad at William for whatever he I may have done and don’t want to hold his hand. But there he is reaching out his hand trying to grab mine. Which most of the time, I take his hand and we walk, as I am still fuming. But I am so thankful for him being the bigger person 99% of the time because it shows me how much he truly cares for me and how much he loves me. I mean if you can hold my hand while I am yelling at you, you are a keeper.

So ladies, take in this advice. Always hold hands with your husbands. Don’t let go, for as long as you are holding hands you can never be apart. I know we are in all different stages of our marriage or courtship, some may be madly in love, some newlywed, and some married for years and years, and some holding on by a thread. Whatever stage you are in, try to remember the love that you share and the love that you once shared with the man (or significant other) that you call you call your lover. If you retrace your steps and write down all that you love(d) about your significant other, you too can find that thing that linked your hearts together in the beginning.

Here’s to either building a stronger love for each other, or to rekindling the fire of the love you once shared.

For ways to find your way back to love, or for advice, visit my favorite blog ever www.ablogaboutlove.com you will fall in love with this couple!

XOXO, Tere


  1. Thats great advice, in fact tonight as my hubby and I were driving, I was a little peeved at something he said, he knew that but instead of being stubborn, held my hand and thanked me for something I had done for him that day. Great advice, works a charm.

  2. oh yes, hunter always reaches out to hold my hand, even when his are covered in dirt, sawdust and grease. that man is always so, so dirty!! i bought one of those portable "dustbusters" (you know what i'm talking about!) just so i could vaccum up sawdust after he comes home from work. somehow it ends up all over our furniture. and yet, i'd lick the sawdust off his feet before i ever turned down a dirty hand-hold.

  3. I just found your blog and just adore it. Our Stake President actually told us that too. We were holding hands and he just smiled at us and told us to never stop. I'm a new follower! And excited too.
    we & serendipity

  4. this post is perfect, exactly what I needed

  5. Okay I feel like such a lame blog friend! I didn't realize that I wasn't following you. I'm sorry! I was wondering why I haven't seen your posts and then today I double checked to see if I was following you and...I wasn't. No worries, I fixed that!

    I love this post and agree with it 100%. No matter how mad I get at my husband once he takes hold of my hand it makes me feel so much better. I feel invincible when he has my hand.


  6. What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! x


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