Wednesday, June 13, 2012


A few weeks ago my mother ended up in the hospital due to low potassium. Who knew that potassium is what makes your heart beat? Normal potassium is like 5. Hers was down to 1.9! She went and had some tests done and the doctor called and told her she needed to get to the E.R. asap. So she went. The doctor told her that with her potassium being THAT low she should have been dead. He was actually surprised that she wasn't dead.
When my mother asked if you could have too much potassium the nurse said "Hello, can you say lethal injection?" She said that when they have someone for the death sentence that they pump potassium straight into their veins, too much of it will stop their heart and it kills them. I always thought it was poison. Nope. Just straight up potassium. Interesting?
Anyways, the whole 2 days that my mother was in the hospital getting pumped with 7 bags of potassium, and 17 pounds (no joke, she weighed herself after 17 freaking pounds) of liquid, this was our view. We pretended we were on a vacation, and had a beautiful view.. only we weren't, and it wasn't.

haha, who else gets called pleasantly annoying?

Oh, so true. I saw this quote on pinterest, it is the best quote ever.

This little mama bird is laying eggs right outside my old window at my parents house. The mother and father take turns in the nest, this is the mama we think, the father is a big fat one.

This is my daddy's car. Is it not the cutest ever? Its called a VW Thing. Yes, its a girl, she has eyelashes. My grandpa also has one, its orange and the license plate cover says "My wife loves my thing". HA! Now if only William and I could find one... sigh.

No makeup. Just so you can see me in all my glory. Actually this was for the June Photo a Day. But I gave up, its hard to remember to take pictures for that! This was for Morning I believe?

Then I went back blonde. Well orange-yellow. It will be blonde soon enough. This way my prayer to the hair gods.

The process of parting the hair. I have no shame of what I look like in pig tails, no make-up, or wearing tshirts. Unless I am in public, in that case I would never go out.

Hanging out under the dryer.

Finished look.
You cant tell 100% but it does have a bit of orange in there.
After I waxed my eyebrows. Was I a hairy beast or what?!?

Oh and just in case you are needed some Mexican candles, you can find them in the Mexican food section next to the hot sauce and taco bell seasoning.


  1. What an amazing post and what a nice blog you have. Am a new follower. Hope you follow me back. Please, let me know=)*

  2. I'm so glad your mom is alright! What a relief!


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