Monday, June 18, 2012


I have recently found out that some think that using pictures off of instagram for a post is a waste of a post?

 "They" say that is shows lack of writing skills.
"They" say that it means the writer is finding a way out of a real post?
"They" say its a cop-out (is that how you spell that? I don't know.).


I say its my blog, for my family and soon to be journal. (if I can get my butt in gear finish the book on blurb)
I say its a way for my family that don't live nearby to see what we had done over the week/ weekend with pictures attached.
I say I love to see everyones instagram pictures including yours.
I say if you don't like it, skip the post.

So in honor of "They" here is what we did this weekend via instagram.

Sam, too tired to play but still wouldn't give up the popped, torn to shreds football.

So Armani being the tough Malti-Pom that he is yanked it from him... after he fell asleep.

Saturday, we worked worked and worked. No pictures, as it was not the highlight of my weekend. Sad that my dogs are the highlights.. of my life. :)

Happy Fathers Day.
I know, you yourself have probably dedicated a whole post to your father, your husband, and all the fatherly men in your life. SO ill make this short and sweet.

Happy Fathers Day to all those men in my life that are Fatherly.

My Daddy.
My grandpa.
My Husband.

Who is a soon to be father. But not too soon. I made that mistake when I put this on instagram and everyone commented, thinking I was making an announcement. I am here to assure you, that I am not.
My eggo is not prego. Sorry.

And if you were in our Sacrament Meeting you would have seen this on the cover of your program. Isn't my Dad the best?



  1. Um.. did you know that we just barely signed on a house and I just looked up the ward AND it's Snow Canyon 5th and unless there is a different Bishop Richards I'm pretty sure your dad is our new Bishop!

  2. Oh cute! I love that your dad did that! So sweet! Yeah you'd better watch what you write on fb! Thats how I announced I was preggo with B!


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