Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lake Powell

Lake Powell:

Oh My Gosh. Lake Powell was so much fun this year. We had a million 18 people on our house boat, that I thought for sure I was going to die. But it wasnt that bad. Between everyone doing their own things you could hardly notice that, that many people were staying on this small house boat of ours.

We took a Damn Tour, wakeboarded, knee boarded, and tubed our butts off. We also like to set up courses like the show Wipe Out. So that was a blast. We had a water tramp and 4 tubes along with floaties and noodles. It was a complete blast, even the little 4 year old got in on the action. So Cute.

 Getting the boat all gassed up!
When I asked William what color I should do my toes, and fingers:

Me: What color should I do my toes, and which one for my nails.
William: You should do one foot one color and the other foot the other color, then do the opposite side with your nails! It would be sooo cool.
Me: ....... OK!

This is how Armani slept the whole way to/ from Lake Powell. I always thought he hated his little carrier. Who knew?

How cute is this family?
Canyon Tour, after the Damn Tour.

My baby soaking up some sun shade.

Me and the Boat Driver Daddy. Love him. The bottom picture was him saying.. "I'm too cool". haha

So that is why I have been M.I.A the last week. Gosh I feel so behind on reading all my blogs! You cant miss a single day with all you ladies posting everyday. I wish I had your ambition, and writing skills. Love you all.



  1. SOOOO jealous!!! I've only been to Lake Powell once but boy was it heaven! I'm trying to convince my lover we should go! But, never having had any lake experience, he doesn't see the point :(

  2. Next time you go I'm demanding an invite! I haven't been on a houseboat at Lake Powell in years and I am seriously missing it.. Dang living it Texas! You guys know how to have some fun on the water! :)

  3. So I love the mis matched toes! It's funny bc I always ask my bf what color to paint my toes! Looks like a fun time!

  4. HOW FUN! I want to go now! P.S. I love your header picture! I am glad I'm not the only one who takes pics with their pets :-)


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