Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday (Thursday) Letters

Its Thursday. I thought it was Wednesday. I am so behind. Why is May here already, I feel like it should still be February. Life passes by so quickly when you get out of High School. It becomes a routine, and you dont realize how much time has passed until its too late. Why is that?

Anyways today is the mothers birthday. Fantastic. We are going to MY all time favorite resturant here in St. George (is that selfish, she likes it too). Benja's Thai and Sushi. Pictures to come, you will be jealous. Happy birthday to my mother. I heard  this quote "Adoption is when a child grew in its mommy's heart instead of her tummy." I love it, it means so much to me in my life because I was adopted, and I know that I am exactly where the Lord intends for me to be.

Wednesday Letters:

Dear Upcoming generation, You need to learn some respect. I swear most kids these days are so disrespectful, and rude to everyone! I worked at a Hair School for the last 2 years and I couldnt believe the girls there, they were always back talking, and swearing, and just plain rude! Do you think this has to do with their parents or them? I think a little of both, from expierience I know that you can have the most fantastic parents and family, and the child still doesnt get it!

Dear Jimmy Johns, I love you with my whole heart. I love you even more when the Firm pays for me to eat your delicious vegitarian goodness. But the line today was dreadful.

Dear Ironman, I cant wait till Saturday. I love watching all you hard workers out there doing your thing! I may or may not cry everytime I watch someone whizz by me! I dont know why but I always get emotional when I see people out their reaching their goals. Am I a baby or what?!?

Dear Husband, I hope we get a chance this week to go on a bike ride together. Its been far too long.

Dear World (bloggy world that is), I got the job at The Biggest Loser Fitness Ranch. I am so excited to start, its going to by such a blast. I cant wait.

P.S. Have you ever played bunco? Its the funnest game EVER! I just wish I would win once in a while:)

xoxo, Tere.


  1. the respect thing ... YES! love jimmy johns and need to play bunco asap. now you know everything there is to know about me.

  2. Ah my goodness I think Bunco has just become my favourite game (I googled it after reading this). How have I not heard of it before?!

    Also MY BUTTON IS ON YOUR PAGE!! I infinitely love this (and will be sharing the button love!)

  3. Oh Benja's.... I LOVE it! Yum! Happy Birthday Becky!!
    I totally get emotional during any type or race, ha ha. It is an amazing feeling to complete a race yourself, and totally inspirational to watch others meet their goals!

  4. What sweet letters and congrats on the job!


  5. Your blog is so cute!! I just love your header :)

    Steph at

  6. Love bunko! (I like it spelled better with a k...i'm weird, i know!)
    I too wish I could win more often!! It is definitely one of my favorite nights of the month!


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