Friday, May 4, 2012


No, But seriously if it werent friday I just might have cried today. Over this week.

Confession: I being a cosmetologist, hair stylist, what ever you wanna call it, has NEVER colored my own hair. I have done hair for 5 years and have never done my own hair. Is that crazy? I dont know, but last night I decided to do it myself. I am rather proud of myself even though it gave me anxiety. So let me know what you think, Ill have to take a few in the sun so you can really see the vibrancy of the red!

The Process:
The Outcome:

Dinner at Benjas for the Madres Birthday:
Pad Thai Noodles with Crispy Tofu. TO.DIE.FOR. Seriously I meant to take pictures of all the delicious sushi, and appetizers, but between starving and really wanting to stuff my face... I forgot. These noodles are even half eaten. GO ME!

This is the mother. She is impatient. She cant sit still for more than seriously .2 seconds to get her picture taken. Which really just backfires on her because 80% of the pictures on here or on my FB are of her looking like this. Seriously, your like a 4 year old.
Here is Samuel. Isnt he the cutest, most handsomest (?) boxer to ever live. I wish he could find himself a girly friend. But they may wonder if he is gay seeing him in this super cute necklace. hmmm?
Note: He may or may not have a google eye. Dont judge him:)

The hubs and I on a kids bike at the shop. Could my posture be any worse? I think not. I need to fix this asap or I will look like those grandmas that cant even look up because they have a hunch back.
Mr. Always funny, never serious.

Look at this cool door I found. It was inside a shopping center by the resturant we ate at. I have been through this a million times and never seen it before. Its kinda creepy right? Too bad I dont know how to edit pictures or anything, otherwise this could make for a pretty cool photo.


  1. Cute hair!
    We seriously need to get our dogs together.

  2. I love the new hair!! Good for you, I am always too scared to try it!

  3. Yay I'm glad you went with red!!

  4. Absolutely loving the new hair color! Also I want to thank you again for your sweet comment dear!



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