Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Goals

Through what the hubs would call "Creepin" I came across this blog that does link ups for goals. This one is for May, obiviously. The blog link is Such a cute blog.

May Goals:
*Lose 5 lbs- is there an echo in the room or is it just me? I have said this before, but I am serious this time:)
*See The Lucky One, and 5 year engagement
*Date night at least once a week with the mister
*Be more organized
*Clean the house more
*Cook at least ONCE a week (Seriously, this is a problem)
*Spend as much time at the Bike Shop as possible
*Have an incredible 3rd year anniversary date
*Clean out the closet, drawers, cupboards (im going to wish I hadnt said this)

Thats about my limit of goals! HA! Lets see how this goes. What are your goals? Do you set monthly or yearly goals? Let them be known (its easier to let people know, that way you are accountable to someone! even if it is through blogging:) )


  1. you do not need to lose 5 pounds! girl you look fabulous!!! my BF & i tried the date night thing once a week one summer, it actually worked for awhile until we started getting lazy and then reverted back tour usual lazy nights in front of the tv!


    1. girl! you have NOT seen me naked. 5lbs has got to shed off this month:) sometimes the best dates are the ones that you lounge around in pajamas eating way too much food with the one you love:)

  2. I love it!!! :)


  3. oh gosh, i really want to see the five year engagement!!! it looks hilarious!
    xo TJ


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