Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creepin' Tuesday

So William and I went to dinner last night. Which was amazing. We went to my ALL TIME SECOND favorite restaurant. Red Robin..YUM...

While there I started to tell him about all the blog land stuff. I have been blogging since 2008 and had no idea about all the stuff you can find on blogs. I was blog-tarded. I didn't realize that you could follow, talk, comment, and become friends with people you have only had Internet interactions with. Its FANTASTIC.

Anyways, I started telling him about how there are things called blates (blog dates), and blog lunch, and blog seminars, and meet ups, and all sorts of other bloggy stuff. You want to know his reaction? He said and I quote "Your gonna get murdered at one of those". WHAT!?! Is he crazy? He said that its just something people set up for you to go to so they can creep on you. He said most of you are probably 40 something year old creepers. What a crazy man right? I told him how I wanted to do a Southern Utah Blog Meet-up party! How fun would that be? He is still thinking I'm crazy for calling a few of you my BBF! (Blog Best Friends). What do your husbands think of you putting all your personal information of family, life, dreams, and wishes on the Internet for all of blog land to read?
What ever he says, I am still going to creep on blogs, I seriously feel like I get to know you, and can live through you. Its so fun!

After the hilarious dinner date we headed to Wal-Mart. Because a date never is over till you get some Wal-Mart in?

By this point Mr. is over pictures, and ready to get the turtle food, and head home. So being the understanding wifey I am, I forced him to take another picture. HAHA!
 Funny Right?

This is before we headed into Red Robin. Seriously Hubbs? Plaid shirt, Cameo Shorts, my Aldo flower sunglasses and Polo flip flops? You sure know how to dress to impress!

On a more serious note: Have you heard of Baby Avery? She was born 5 ish months ago with a disease called SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). She has her own blog, and is so inspiring. She ended up passing away yesterday, but her cause will live on for forever. Check out her story at Then please share her cause with the world how you see fit.
Let me know what you thought of her blog. I seriously cried the whole way through it. It was so touching.

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  1. Oh red robin.... we love their endless fries and totally take advantage of 'em :)
    Eric totally thinks bloggy friends is a crazy idea! He cringes everytime I meet a new Blogger! But he is slowly getting used to the idea! We should totally throw a blog party!


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