Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Fun. Heartaches. Random.

This weekend was a busy one.

Friday I had work till 5, and William worked till MIDNIGHT! That boy is a hard worker. He has been helping to open this bike shop for the last month and they are finally to the point of building up the walls, and furniture. The nice wifey I am, I decided to let him work those crazy hours with his friends, and I went hot tubbing (sp?) with mine:)
Saturday the hubby had class from 8-5. So I went and did all the shopping for the new shop BY. MY. SELF. Which is huge, I never go anywhere by myself, especially if its shopping! Hello its called a buddy system, and I depend on it. But since my buddy was in class, and most of my friends had their own fun lives going on, on a Saturday they didn't want to come shop with me for cleaning supplies, and plungers. So I hit up Costco, Home Depot (which I found a long lost friend that worked there so he was my personal shopper), and the Walmart. It wasn't too bad, but I probably wont do it again:)

Then Saturday night I helped the hubby clean up the shop a bit. I did the bathrooms, and am pretty sure I used WAY too much bleach. I had to tie a rag around my face, to stop myself from inhaling the fumes! It was awful. I am pretty sure it burnt my lungs. Have you done that, I feel like I have a sore throat now.

Dont be jealous.

On Saturday night, Sunday morning I received a call from one of my good friends. It was 2:30 in the morning. My first thought was "HELLO, she knows I am married, and when your married, your boring, and in bed by at the latest 12 on a Saturday". So I ignored the call. She called back, which means something is wrong. So I answered the call to hear "Tere, your brother is locked up again." My heart sank.

My brother has been in and out for the last 3 years. He has been in more times than out. As a family its hard to see a loved one go through this. But from our past, its harder for me as a sister to see him making these same mistakes, that put us in the situation that we were in when we were younger. It has caused family fights, marriage problems, and self fights. I blame myself. I blame our past. I blame our biological mother. But its no ones fault, but his. He is the one that has chosen these paths, and it took me a long time to figure that out. So, here is to more hardships:) Have you been through this? Advice?

Seriously, why were we born female? Guys have it so easy with everything. It takes them 2 seconds to shower, it takes up at least 10, and that's not even shaving our legs. It takes them 3 seconds to do their hair, us at least 20+ minutes. We have makeup, and lotion, and a mini fashion show every time we get dressed. We have to worry about if our shoes match, if our eyeshadow corresponds with our outfit, etc. So along with the ranting, I thought I would take a photo of all the "crap" I put on for my lips.

Step 1: Mac Prep+Primer
Step 2: Bare Mineral Cream Puff Lipstick (LOVING the nude)
Step 3: Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss.
That's just for LIPS, don't get me started on eyeshadow!
*SIGH* I wish I were a boy sometimes.

What is your routine?


  1. Sorry to hear about your brother! :(
    But how exciting that the shop is coming together so well!! And my routine in the morning is ridiculous.. haha

  2. Boo for the sore throat! And sorry about your brother. Families can be tough!

  3. yeesh, your husbands weekend wasn't too fun...but I would totally not feel bad hot tubbing instead :)

  4. so sorry to hear about your brother. family troubles can really take a lot out of you. hope you are doing better!
    xo TJ


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