Thursday, April 26, 2012

In a frump..

Rants & Raves coming up.

You know those days where nothing seems to go right, and everyone pisses you off? They could simply smile at you and your thoughts are "well good to know your day is going good, bih". That is my attitude today. Its not good, and I don't think anyone should be in this kind of mood. But needless to say, we all have these days. So here are my rants and raves for today.

I should be up at Women's Conference with my mother, and my grandmother, and lots of fun, exciting, awesome friends. But instead I am stuck in an office, doing nothing but watching the rain fall.

Its raining. These kinds of days always make me in a bad mood, unless I am at home, in my bed, holding my lovers hand, watching our shows. If I'm not, you can bet that I am in a bad mood. *sad I know, I do love the rain, when I'm not at work*

There is this gal that works in my office, and she drives me CRAZY. Who knows, she could be reading this right now, but I don't even care. She makes me want to quit my job, but I love it too much. I never thought I would love an office job, but it does have its moments where I just cant help but LOVE it.

The husband is going to be super busy the next YEAR. Like I am talking probably wont see each other more than a few hours a week busy. This doesn't excite me. This may be the base of my moods right now.

I clean my works office building every Monday night. It is a great source of extra income, so I don't mind it. I do however hate mopping! The floor ALWAYS looks dirty. My boss complains about how it looks dirty, and dingy. Well there was a cleaner before me, and the floors still looked dirty. So I know its not me, but I cant help but feel like its my fault. I have tried hand mopping, pine sole, fabuloso, Windex, soapy water, and even went and bought a $150 steam mop, which are suppose to be AMAZING. Well it still looks like crap. What can I do about this?

This one may be a bit TMI feel free to skip it:)
About a month ago, my kidneys were KILLING me. I had blood in my urine it was almost black there was so much. So after spending literally thousand dollars with tests and samples, they found nothing wrong with me. I started taking these herbs for blood cleansing, and they really seemed to help. I stopped taking them about 2 weeks ago because I thought it had "cured" me. Well yesterday the pain started again, and there was a bit more blood. But I am SO not doing tests again, it will make us go broke, so I started the herbs. Hopefully, its helps again.

Well this is my Rants & Raves as of now, hopefully it didn't scare you off to know that I am not always happy! HA! But who is? If you answered "me", your lying to yourself.

Happy Thursday Y'all. Hope its a lot better than mine:) Maybe tomorrow I should do a positive post!


  1. First of all I hope your kidney stops being a pest. Unnecessary pain is seriously a good reason to be grumpy. Also I used to hate the rain when I was working, then I started to think that I'd rather it be rainy because then I'm content being at work. I don't feel like I'm missing out on a sunny day! Hmm other thoughts.. I'm sorry your hubby will be busy, but it will probably be better in the long run?? Also sometimes when I have bad days I prefer to just cry or take a shower. Those both help me :)

  2. My kidneys give me problems if I don't drown myself with water. Seriously I'm talking drinking water all day long! Maybe give it a try? I hope your day turns around. Just remember that you're beautiful :)

  3. Ouch! Sorry you are experiencing so much pain. :( What kind of floors are you trying to clean? If linoleum, the problem may be wax build-up and regular cleaners just wont cut it. You can find strong floor cleaner/stripper (HQ brand) at most home improvement stores. It's strong stuff and requires gloves and ventilation. You poor it on the floor, wait a few minutes, and then scrub and wipe up.

    *And if the floor is not linoleum, sorry for the novel of information. :)

  4. Thanks ladies. you are all full of optimism! I love it! Ill give your suggestions a try! I think it was just one of those days ya know:)


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