Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Letters

Dear Blogger, Why have you been so crazy lately? Has anyone else's blog been not cooperating? It wouldn't let me post, sign in, or blog stalk! What the heck! I need to keep up on my stalking, I LOVE IT.

Dear January Jones (Mad Men actress), I cant believe you ate your own placenta. Yes, you heard (read) that right. She had her placenta made into capsule forms and ate it. It was for the purpose of getting back to her "pre-baby" weight. EW. I would rather look like a heifer.

Dear Husband, I know that before we were married you were a total bachelor, playboy, wild one. But you are now married, please understand what a budget is. Your killing me. The "food" money is for groceries, not for your own personal lunches.

Dear Weather, Why are you raining? Why will you be continuing to rain until Monday. I am not pleased by this. I was really hoping to lay out all day Saturday and Sunday. Please rearrange your schedule so that this becomes a possibility.

Dear Parents, Why do you let your child run free. Seriously, contain your child. If another child on my street throws another rock, sprays me with the hose, or is riding their bike in the street, I WILL run them over. I know every one says its different when its your own.. BUT I don't have my own, so I don't know the difference. So for the sake of your soon to be broken heart, keep your dang kids out of the street. Its called a yard, use it.

On a random note:

Does anyone else put ketchup in their Man & Cheese? I have gotten alot of mixed answers! I love it.

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  1. Ugh I hate it when Dave spends a ton of money on fast food! So annoying!!


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