Monday, April 23, 2012

I..I Love You Like A Love Song Baby.

The Hubby turned 29 on Saturday. Can you believe how "aged" he is? So most would do the whole 29 things I love about ..... But I dont really want to do that many! SO I chose my top 5 things I love about Mr. Shake.

1. You have the CRAZIEST, bestest dance moves.
2. You are determined, and never let anything stop you.
3. You can stand the sight of me in my "not-so-bikini-body".
4. You love your family, and care truely for them.
5. You live by the gospel, and have a love for the church.

Here is how we celebrated the 29th year of this man being alive.

Friday night we took the porsche out and drove top down (not to be confused with tops off) to Mesquite for the hubs, and Grandmas birthday. We went to the Eureka Casino and hit up the Seafood Buffet. YUM! Top Left: William with Crab Hands
Bottom Left: My brother Christopher and I
Top Right: Great Grandma, Grandma Duncan (Birthday Girl), Grandma Richards
Bottom Right: Mr. Cant take a serious photo to save his life, and I.

Saturday looked like this. Dont be jealous.
In the morning I got up did my run, then we headed off to the volunteer bike ride we signed up for. It was for kids and their families. SO Cute. Then we headed with the Jet Skis to Sandhollow.
Left: Nice bum, where you from.
Top Right: Sandhollow Lake
Middle Right: Loving the 100 degree weather! Doing what I do best.
Bottom Right: William working on a bike.

Saturday Night was like this.
We ate and ate and ate. We had the best of friends come by and celebrate the hubs birthday. I didnt do very good at getting photos. But we played croquet, talked, played would you rather, and ate some more.

Over all it was a great weekend:)


  1. what a sweet post to your man for his birthday! love the five things :)
    xo TJ

  2. That sounds like such a wonderful birthday! My hubby turns 28 soon, and I have no idea what to do for him. I hate it when he says, I don't want to do anything, because seriously everyone needs to have some freaking birthday fun! Ya know? All those photos are awesome and I am seriously jealous of your weekend!


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