Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Letters.

So I have seen other doing this on their blogs, and thought it was such a great idea to get those random thoughts in your head out. I will be calling mine, Wednesday Letters.

Dear Instagram, I am so happy that you decided to grace the Android World with your presence. Thanks for my most recent addiction.

Dear Husband, Seriously? You frustrate me. But I cant seem to get enough of you.

Dear Work, Your killing me. I need a break. Preferably a beach.

Dear Biggest Loser Fitness Ranch, I so hope I nail the interview tomorrow! It would be a dream come true to help out those that attend your beautiful atmosphere. I would have the best job, making those achieving their dreams through the beauty industry.

Dear Saturday, Could you come faster. Its hubby's birthday that day, and I cant wait to spend it with him <3

Dear Bloggy Friends, How do I get my blog as cute as yours? Send me some tips! I recently (today) found out how to add stand alone pages, and links so that you can follow me on Pinterest, and Instagram. LOSER.

Love always, Tere Shake


  1. Aw, Eric's birthday is today! And I really do wish you could come along to Maui :) Really, I do!
    Hey! Are you going to invite me to lake Powell this summer??
    And these letters are a FUN way to get those random thoughts out!

  2. first of all, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? you might be working at the biggest loser ranch?

    INCREDIBLE. keep me updated!! i'm cheering you on. what would you do there?

    secondly, yes. us droid users now get the full benefits. yea.

    1. I am a cosmetologist! So I would be building their self esteem! I love that feeling, nothing better.

      Thanks for your support! Your so cute!


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