Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bout' Time.

Woah! Has it been that long! I thought my New Years Resolution was to keep up to date at least once a week. (Just like it was to lose 30lbs too!) Any way, we have bee super busy. See below..

United Bicycle Institute (UBI): William traveled to Oregon for 2 WEEKS! I was a single, widowed, lady for 2 whole weeks. He went to a bicycle school called UBI for short. He attended classes training him on how to properly to mechanics with bikes. He loves cycling, he breaths it, sleeps it, and ignores his wifey over it;) He had business classes, and met some famous people also! The above photo is his classmates!

 The weekend after hubby came home we headed out with friends to Lake Mead. We planned on Lake Havasu but apparently it was too far. I was so excited for Lake Havasu, the pretty water, everything BUT the little skinny girls in their pasties! HA! So I wasn't too upset, but I would love to go someday. Have you ever been there?

This is my crazy girlfriend Lindsy. A few months back she asked if I would run a 10k with her. I thought to myself "hey self, 10k only equals 6 miles, thats not bad" so I agreed. We signed up paid our money and I was so excited! Till the day of the race. We showed up, there were people in full on competitive gear! Um.. I may or may not have worn leggings with shorts over them, a full on jacket because it was freezing, and hiking shoes! I am not a runner, so I don't own a pair of running shoes. So just imagine my embarrassment. It only took me 1.20 hrs of death to finish that "6 miles". It felt like forever. But I am so glad I did it. It was so fun, and I am now training for the half marathon in July. (I hope I keep up with it) Any tips?

We have been having such beautiful weather lately husband and I have started riding our bikes more frequently! Above is a photo after our 12  mile bike ride (not too many miles that day). I love cycling with the husband, its so relaxing, well until you get to the hills, those kill me!

On other news, the wonderful world of Instagram was made available for the Android. Isn't that FANTASTIC! Are we friends? Look for me TereShake. I am so much more on top of loading our lives on that, it easy to push a few buttons and write a small caption! So our day to day lives you will find on that:)

Here's to staying caught up on this bloggy of mine:)

Love, Tere Shake

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