Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's to the freakin weekend

First off, who remembers this song? It was my all time favorite song in high school. R Kelly-Ignition, and the theme to this post.

This has been one of those weeks! You know the one where you dont think its ever going to end, and you think you just might go crazy, and start offing people. Till you wake up, and you have a whole new burst of energy because ITS FRIDAY. Which means only 8 hours is standing between you and your freedom.

This weekend is going to consist of the Mesquite, Nevada Buffet. Seriously, I am so thankful for birthdays. My grandmas birthday was yesterday, and the hubby's is tomorrow. This is fantastic. I love me a good buffett and family time.

Saturday will be spent volunteering and a childrens bike race, then spent Jet Skiing at Sand Hollow. I feel so bad for those of you that live else where, and its not 85 degrees outside yet. I.Would.Die. I cant wait to relax on the beach in my swim suit, catching some rays, with my cute hubby. Then a camp fire at our house that night for the hubbys birthday. Which reminds me I need to make a whole ton of "finger" foods for this. Anyone wanna help?

So.. Here's to the freakin' weekend baby I'm gonna have me some fun!
Oh and this picture with all the shoes, water bottles, and basically garbage. Hopefully I will have the time (and desire) to clean out my car. Poor thing.

What are your weekend plans?


  1. AH! The freakin' weekend.... I want to come jet skiing! Don't fall in the water.... it's probably pretty cold still. Right? I am dying to go to the lake!

  2. omg! i so remember this song! haha! thanks for stopping by my blog & grabbing my button! your blog is adorable! new follower! have a wonderful weekend! im looking forward to the 5k color run on sunday!

  3. ok...i love that song! i can't help it!! i just have to say, that i disagree with you on the birthday front. they are so stressful!! tomorrow alone i'm hosting a baby shower then taking family to dinner for a birthday. they never seem to end and i'm always in charge of gifts and planning, yada yada. if only we'd all hit a buffet and call it a day. *sigh.

  4. My roommate used to sing that song all. the. time. I love it!! Sounds like a perfect weekend :) LOVE your blog!


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