Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekend getaway and good wifey

We went to the cabin and had a blast! It was freezing cold, and there was a lot going on. We had 4 dogs, and 4 humans. But through all the craziness we had lots of fun.

I also started my cooking class! It was so much fun, and I can't wait till I learn all there is to be a good wifey and cook;) ha
Veggie quiche it was so yummy and all made from scratch.
This is my snow baby. Isn't he adorable.
This was a jump we made in the front on the cabin!

I wish we could say we were going on vacations and to a beach but as of now were just hanging out. William will be gone the first 2 weeks of march! PARRTAY! My sister Felicia is going to come and stay with me, because I am a baby! I'm kind of excited;) were going to Benja's, Vegas, and lots more. Can't wait!


  1. So fun! I really need to take a cooking class.. I cook pretty basic things. :)

  2. You're doing a cooking class?? Where? I want to do it with you!
    Did you know I live in Cedar now? That means we must play! Annnnd.... I'm coming to Lake Powell with you this summer. (Even if I have to hide in your suitcase. Either way...)

  3. Court. It's a lady that is in my ward that teaches me. She was the teacher at the college I think? You may know her, Stephanie (Caplin) Judd. She was 4 years older than me. Let's do a date night and make sure the hubs get along. William is difficult to like at first. Ha! But I'm down for Lake Powell, you don't even have to hide! Text me!

  4. That quiche looks so so good! I am excited to be your newest blog follower :)


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