Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Latest and Greatest

We have been so crazy busy lately here is an overview...

We had the chance to get away from work for a few days and sneak off to Lake Powell. It was so much fun and we had a ton of people there this time. There was like 15 people. We had an absolute blast. We stayed up late and played games, ate way too much, did some water sports, tubed, and made memories.

Sam decided he liked to wear dresses...

North American Hairstylist Awards...
Last weekend I had the opportunity to go to Vegas with the school to attend the NAHA Awards. We met some famous hairdressers, shopped till we dropped, waited 2 hours at the Cheesecake Factory to be seated (just so happened to be national cheesecake day and all cheesecake was 1/2 off), went dancing at the clubs, laid by the pool, and had a blast!

This weekend I had another amazing opportunity to attend a class given by the amazing Chrystofer Benson. He has won a few different NAHA Awards, was nominated this year in 2 categories, and is one of the artistic directors for the logics side of the Matrix brand products. He was so easy going, fun to talk to, and not intimidating what so ever. He taught us alot about branding ourselves, and also a super cute short hair cut. He was such a blast. Chaunsey was able to accompany him to the class as his model. I first met Chaunsey back in Palm Springs for the Matrix Convention I went to, so it was fun to see her again.

Upcoming Events and Changes:
Like I said we have both been crazy busy lately. We have a lot of upcoming trips and classes planned and are so excited for all of them.
I have started teaching night freshman class which is Monday thru Thursday from 5-10pm. So I have been working late every night. I love it though, the students are so eager to learn and are so cute. So I have been working anywhere from 45-50 hours a week. Last week my Law Office job asked me to go full time there. I am so excited. I will be a little more busy, but we dont have kids yet so why not!?! So my schedule will be Monday thru Thursday from 9-10pm, Friday 9-5, and sometimes Saturdays from 8-5. I am so excited to grow within the law office and see and learn all it has to offer me.

William has been doing so great at Design to Print, and has been continuing to grow his clientele there. He has been working till around 12am the last few nights at a Trade Show in Vegas. He is such a great Seller. Riding for RedRock Bicycle team has also kept him pretty busy, between group rides, and events he is busy every morning, night and weekends. He loves being on the team, and being able to ride his bike more often.

Our upcoming events include..
This Saturday at Taylor Andrews there will be a PAWS event to help homeless animals. If you have nothing to do Saturday stop by and get a service done, we have a number of different services that all proceeds will go to the organization.

Next weekend William and I will be in Pangitch (ya i dont know how to spell that) for a bike race called Desperado Duel. It is 200 miles around the lake out there. We will be volunteering at the event and are so excited about it.

The weekend after that I will be heading up to duck creek, or deer creek, or something for a Taylor Andrews Staff Retreat. I am excited to go to one, Amanda (the owner) has tons of prizes for the winners. Including an IPAD 2. How exciting right?

The weekend after that we will be headed off for Lake Powell again. I am so excited, we need a break from our crazy lives.

Then 2 weekends after that we will be headed to Monticello for my brother Josh's wedding. I have not been to Monticello for YEARS and am so looking forward to going and seeing the small town again. I miss it so much.

So after those events I think we will be pretty much hanging around town. But we will see..

love, Tere Shake.

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