Monday, June 20, 2011

I know lazy butt... if you didnt read the post below this then your missing out on part one. I didnt want to put pictures on the last one and have to drag them all down so hence the part 2.

These are our sweet boys.. we love our dogs..
This is what happens if your taking a nap in the middle of the day and not watching Armani.
This is after the dogs get their walk in... They pass out. Such a cute picture though right??

William was in a bike accident and cut his chin open. He was helping this kid in our ward with his bike stuff and he fell on the track and split his chin wide open. It was disgusting, but super cool all at the same time. It took 7 stitches and alot of IB Profen to get the ache to stop. The doctor could spread the cut and you could see his bone! But he is doing much better now that he is healed, his jaw is still sore but he is good.

We went up to Park City one weekend and went shopping, and ate at this amazing resturant called Ichiban. It was so good, and we met a new friend there as well.
pictured below is our new BFF. He sat by us pretty much the whole meal.. (i think he thought he was getting Friske's for dinner)


So for our Anniversary I got William tickets to go see one of his most favorite bands, Ratatat. He was so excited to see them, he had seen them before but it was a long while ago. We had so much fun, and their stage performance was AMAZING.

Were off to Lake Powell this week. Because of Wills work (which i am very upset about..) he wont be able to come until friday but we will still have a blast!

Love Tere Shake

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