Thursday, January 5, 2012

the what have beens, and the to becomes.

oh, hello.

its been a while since i have updated this blog of ours, and thought hmmm.. i just know everyone that reads this is sad because they have missed our funeral!! but dont panic, were not dead, we alive.. just busy!

so here goes the long post of what have beens, what are to become, what were looking forward to, and all that goes in between.

last post was about lake powell.. since then we have been working our butts off (not literally, if that was the case i would pick up another job) and have been hanging out with family. we try and get out as much as possible which isnt very possible to be quite honest, but will be in the future. i last stated that i would be working and teaching night freshman at taylor andrews, and doing the whole work 65 hours a week thing really took a toll on not only me but our lives as well. so needless to say i have stopped doing freshman and only working 2 nights a week. i know that i will miss teaching so much, but know that it will only strengthen our family, and that is what is important. william is still doing great at his job, and there is not much more to report on that end:)

we have been busy doing the "fun" stuff as well. below are a few pictures that are thrown in there for your enjoyment. the rest of the post will follow the pictures.

we went to jumpin jacks.. that was a blast! but my legs were going to fall off at any moment! it was nuts, i would recommend you go there.

this is how sam has started to wake us up in the mornings to tell us its time to eat. luckily he only tries to eat william..

halloween came and went. our family dressed up as police officers. aren't our boys so cute in their matching outfits. if you didnt know better you would think they were twins right!?!
christmas came and went. we all got pajamas (along with all the other families world wide) christmas was awesome this year and we got a lot more than what we asked santa for. we were spoiled this year. we got to spend a lot of time with our families, and also go to take a few days off and just enjoy each other!
lets just say this is why i fell in love with this man. his face is uh-mazing right! i know, i agree, he does have a great smile, and beautiful eyes. he loves pictures as much as a lactose person loves cheese cake!

Anyway, that is a picture story of the last few months. we did get family photos done which i will post right after this, like i also stated in a previous post, lazy butt! so look for those:)

well its a new year, and with a new year comes new goals...

some that will be kept, others that will soon be forgotten. this year william and i decided to sit down the first sunday of each month and set monthly goals rather than goals for the whole year. we do have goals that we would like to accomplish for the year, but the short term goals we would like to see get done will be put on a month to month plan.

so i will be posting (haha.. i mean hopefully posting) our month to month goals. i find its better to tell someone your goals, and that way you have someone to report back to. so who better to tell than the whole world. at least the whole blogging world, and by that i mean any one that reads this..

january goals:

1. the most common goal through out the greater population- lose 5 lbs. (i know that is not very much, but when your working crazy hours like me i think ill be lucky to loose 1 lbs)

2. walk the dogs every night that i dont work till 10.

3. help some one in need

4. eat more healthy. we have started up on ordering bountiful baskets. we are going to try and cut out carbs, and be more "green". i LOVE my pasta, so for me this is going to be a challenge, that i will later thank myself for. if you have not heard of bountiful basket you are missing out. for $15 dollars a week you can get a basket full of fruits, and a basket full of veggies. you cant beat it! go to to order yours. you wont regret it.

5. pray daily. this one is so hard for us. i am usually still asleep when william leaves, and he is usually asleep when i get home. so for us this will be a challenge, but so far we are doing good. its amazing how much better your day goes just by praying in the mornings.

6. to keep number goal #1. haha.. no but really, its not a joke.

i am going to limit myself to doing 5 new goals each month while still keeping the previous goals. hopefully by the month after those "goals" will then become habits, and i wont have to TRY to keep them:)

so.. here is to hoping that i can start posting more now that im not working like a literal mad woman. (i guess we can consider that an unofficial official goal)

love, me.

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