Monday, February 28, 2011

oh so much...

So it has been a long while since our last post. At first Iwas like.. hmm what would I post about if I did post.. and nothing came up.. well now we have a lot of catching up to do..

We took a cruise to St. Martin, St. Thomas, Antigua, St. Lucia, Barbados, and Puerto Rico. We had a blast. Here are just a few photos from the trip. The rest are on Facebook.
St. Thomas- We hung out on the beach and soaked up the sun
Formal Night #1
St. Maartin- We attended a nude beach! It was entertaining.
Antigua.. Pirate Excursion
St. Lucia- We hung out on the beach again and snorkeled!
Barbados- We went snorkeling again around a ship wreck. This was by far the most beautiful place i have ever been. The sand was velvet white, and the water a turquoise blue. I wouldnt mind going back and staying.. for the rest of my life!
Sad day.. this is at the airport to go home. We had so much fun on our cruise and want to thank my parents and grandparents, and the other 8 couples that went with us. We had a blast and cant wait till we get to all go again!

I went to Vegas with the salon girls earlier this year.. We had a blast! Here are just a few pictures of that.. The rest are on Facebook.. (well not yet.. but after im done blogging they will be)

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