Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new years and such..

Well 2010 came and went so fast I cant think of anything we didnt get to do.

A look back on 2010

Lake Powell Trips
Will turns 27 I turn 21
Cycling races
Got my own amazing bike
Discovered my love for zumba
Celebrated our 1st year of marriage
Had a few cabin trips
Went to a few great concerts

Overall we had a great year, it was filled with laughs, tears, and happiness. We are very fortunate to have and live the life that we do. I am so excited to see what 2011 holds for the Shake Family. Hopefully something beyond exciting!

For New Years we spent it at our friends Jaclyn and Ryan's visiting and talking. Then headed over to my parents for our Baby New Year gift exchange and games with close family friends. We had (legal) fireworks, sparklers, laughs, memories made, and a fun time

On other notes. Sam and Armani are best of friends. They play, sleep, eat, and torture eachother. They are so funny together. Here are just a few photos.


Well happy new year to all of you.
Love, Tere Shake

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  1. Maybe a baby for 2011?!?! Haha just kidding! (I can totally say that to you cause people say it to me all the time!) One of these times I'm going to invite myself to come along on your lake powell trips :)
    Post pictures from vegas!


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