Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

WE (and I mean me) sucked at pictures this year. We got 1 picture and it was of the christmas room at grandmaand grandpa behning's. SO we really didnt get a whole lot. We got spoiled this year! We got EVERYTHING we wanted and more. If that is even possible
We made out like bandits.

William's List of Treasures
got a dog.. his name is Sam
he is a 3 year old Boxer
he is a whole lot of dog!
(its been hard getting used to the slobber, and having a big dog. I told william he made outhouse look small!)
Socks (which he LOVES)
a full gym set
a bike stand (which he adores!)
wii games
a sweet guitar shirt
and ashopvac (which he LOVES)

Tere's List of Treasures
socks you heat in the microwave (couldnt be more excited)
a jewelry hanger (much needed)
perfume.. my favorite kind Vera Wang Princess
a mini heated blanket!
shampoo carpetcleaner (woohoo! i cant wait to use it)

So needless to say, our families went WAY overboard on Christmas this year. But its been a great year.

Armani and Sam are already the best of friends. They run, jump, wrestle, and play all hours of the day. It was a concern of mine that sam would have Armani as a chew toy. But he is such a sweet pup. He does fart alot and they are deadlyand very gross. But what can you expect from a freaking horse! He is a very pretty dog (not as pretty, and cute as armani, or as sweet as holly but a close second) We love having him in our family.
are they cute or what?

We hungout with family, played games, and ate way too much both Christmas Eve, and Christmas day. We had so much fun this year.

We hope you all had a great christmas, and have a happy new year!

love the shake family

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  1. Ok!! I'm so glad your Sam farts because my parents boxers I told you about (especially their Sam) freaking fart ALL the time and it is deadly!! They sure know how to clear a room! Are you going to Vegas with the salon?! Please say you are cause I'm totally planning on it!!


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