Monday, December 27, 2010

2nd annual christmas party with the shakes.

2nd Annual Ugly Sweater Christmas Party
was a hit! We love doing this, although next year were gonna switch it up a little bit.. so be prepared. We made gingerbread houses, laughed, told embarrasing stories, had a fire in the back yard, roasted marshmellows, starburst, and laffy taffy's. It was such a fun night. Santa made a surprise visit to our house that night! It was so unexpected i guess he just knew where to party! These pictures are out of order, but enjoy! COME NEXT YEAR!!

Santa.. we love him.

The boys.. of course adam would be in a girl sweater.. he usually is and phill we have nothing more to say about that one...

Cute couple Matt and Ashley, and super cute sisters!
This is our masterpiece..
Just hanging out...

Love, Tere Shake

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