Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So Busy

So the last few weeks have been crazy busy. It was Williams birthday so I surprised him with SKYDIVING. Yes I went with. It was so much fun. Free falling 5000 feet and floating the other 8000. AMAZING. Ill put the video up on here when we get it back.

Then I left my hubby and went up north with just the girl friends and family for Womens Conference. It was freezing cold and I hated every second we were outside. But the conference was amazing and the concert the night of the conference was wonderful. It was so fun to take a girls trip even though there was no sun, pool, beach, or laying out. There was lots of fudge, candy, krispy kreme, and laughs. We had a blast. We go every year and every year is such a blast!
Me and Grandma. I didnt get one with my mom :(

I got extenstions. That was exciting. They lasted about a week till I knew that I was sooo not meant to have long hair. But it was fun while it lasted. They were heavy and annoying to sleep with and sucked to wash. Every time Will would roll over in bed I would have to shove him off because he was laying on them. No bueno. So when I took them out my dad decided he wanted to try having hair for a second. It was hilarious:)
you like?
I know what your thinking... if my dad had blonde hair.. let alone hair, we would be twins :)

Oh and one other thing.. In about 10 days it will be mine and Will's 1-year anniversary. So crazy how time flies. Some say the first year is the hardest others say it was the easiest.. It was definatly hard for us, but I wouldnt have change anything for the World. I love this man with all I am. He is my everything.

Well thats bout all for now. Ill post the videos when I get them :)

Love Tere Shake


  1. im sad i didnt get to see your braids! happy anniversary in a few days! i cant believe that was a year ago! ♥♥♥ you! lets go to lunch!

  2. I have always wanted to go skydiving! So fun!! You looked way cute with long hair! The braids fit you! Congratulations on the Anniversary!

  3. HAHAHA You freakin' kill me. I love that you try so many new things. I wouldn't dare. You're dad is a CRAZY bishop. I love it. I heard about his Cinco De Mayo attire. AMAZING! :) Love ya best friend!!

    p.s. it's crazy that we're "best friends" and we NEVER see eachother!


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