Thursday, April 15, 2010


So the whole working 8 hours a day, coming home to make dinner and going to Zumba till 10 at night leaves me no time for blogging lately. I finally have a MORNING off and decided to get this thing updated!
First Zumba is bomb if you have not tried it, do. I am starting to see definate results because of it. I love it. The atmosphere at The Warehouse is amazing, and you never feel out of place which is good in a work out enviroment. If you have the Dixie Direct card then you can go with one other person for free. So try it out. Its every night except friday at 8:30, and on Saturdays.

Last Thursday my mother took me and two of her crazy friends to the Kelly Pickler Concert. It was soo much fun and so amazing. I never really listened to her music much, but she was very good. It was so much fun to hangout with the girls and for my mom to be there. She is the best! Sadly I didn't take any photos of the group just a few of Kelly. She had on the hottest shoes I ever saw! They were heels covered in diamonds. I am sooo getting those once I can find them. They were amazing. I couldn't get a super good picture but I got a semi good one.
Then on Friday night our friends Jess and Dallas invited us to the Five for Fighting Concert. It was also such a fun concert. Especially because Jess and I got to catch up. Anyways.. The singer of the group, (I don't really know his name) was amazing. You can tell he is just one of those guys that are genuinely nice. He had a good heart and was super funny. Over all it was a GREAT weekend.
Other than that we have nothing going on. We are one month away from our 1 year and are stoked about it. I cant believe how fast time has gone by. It seems like yesterday :) We decided to just spend the weekend up north, there is a bike race that Will's aunt wants him to ride in with her. So I thought it was the perfect weekend to go up, have watch Will and his Aunt ride in the race, I can do shopping :), and to go to hoggal zoo. I am so excited. Maybe Lagoon? Not sure yet. It wont be a big thing but it will be fun. So we will see what happens. We got our jet ski's all dolled up for the summer and are so excited to take them out to the lake. Its a little to cold now but were gonna buy wet suits and go out starting next month, hopefully. (hey are you supposed to pee in your wet suit? i swear i saw or heard that somewhere but when i was talking to the family about it, they just laughed at me. let me know :)) Anyways, that's all for now. Hope your all doing Fabulous!

**oh man can you believe I have been married to this crazy goon for almost a year!**

Love, Tere Shake


  1. DUDE... I love Zumba too. I have never been to the wearhouse, but have heard amazing things about it. I will have to try it. Kellie's shoes... I have a fabulous picture if ya want it. Let me know. Love ya

  2. excuse my spelling.... **warehouse ;)

  3. ha they were so amazing. If you could get me the actual pair of shoes I will love you forever! come to zumba with me one night! i pretty much go err night. call me loves


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