Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness

Maybe I am a trash girl. What of it?

At the law firm I work at, at the end of the day I am that lucky girl that gets to go into each and every room at the law firm and empty the trash. I am glad that most of the lawyers are gone by the time I do this. I hate walking in and getting the trash and having them lose their concentration. (believe me these people are always concentrating on something, haha) Anyways so I am that lucky girl. I know you want to be me. So at the end of the day I was done with trash had it loaded up in my car and was driving to the dumpster out back. I get out to see that another car with the same lucky trash man was doing the same thing. This man was amazingly nice. He came to my car, and grabbed my trash and walked it to the dumpster for me. I am so thankful for this guy. He showed me that I need to do at least one thing a day to brighten someone else's day. I seriously could not stop thinking about this man and the way he was so willing to help me. Even though it was just walking 2 bags of trash to the dumpster. It still made the rest of my day. So starting today I vow to do at least one thing to make someone's day. It may be the smallest thing that no one will notice, or something that everyone will notice. It will be for me, and make me feel like I am "paying it forward".

Another Random Act of Kindness.
William and I are living with one car now a days. His has been in the shop for almost a week. So needless to say we are struggling. With me working 2 jobs and having to go from here to there and him working and needing to go to Vegas, its rather hard. So Will was supposed to hit up Vegas yesterday but instead stayed home and worked from here. He got his work done and still had the time to clean up the house and the garage. I am a very lucky girl. He did a great job and even made dinner for me as well. I am thankful for all that he does for me and for our family. He is the best...

No I aint done yet.
My mom and dad have like a BAZZILLION cars. So today, they are letting me borrow one of theirs so that Will had one for work and I had one for work and after work activities. They are so generous with their cars and will mostly let anyone borrow them if they are really struggling. They are so very giving and are amazing .I am thankful to have parents like them. Love you both.

Now I am done. I challenge, tag, or whatever you to try and do one thing to brighten someone else's day. It will make you feel better as well as that lucky one.

Love Tere Shake

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  1. Such a great reminder!! It's nice to know that people still do kind things for strangers! You left me a nice comment and even that brightens my day! Thanks girl!


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