Thursday, April 1, 2010

happy 21st to meee!

So for my birthday this year Will surprised me with a trip to California. Not only that but to DISNEYLAND. I was so excited. We packed up and went early on thursday morning. We stayed at Aunt Sue's house that night. Which she was soo kind to let us stay there, were so thankful for her. She got me the cutest necklace with matching earrings and bracelett to match. It was so fun to see her and catch up. Then Friday early morning we were off to check into the Paradise Pier Hotel. It was so nice. We got checked in and headed straight to the park. It was busy this weekend because it was spring break. But that didnt stop us. We got fast passes and enjoyed being with eachother. We went on ride after ride and bought way to expensive food. But it was all worth it. We made memories and laughed a lot. Friday night (which was my real birthday) William took me to a way fancy dinner and we over payed again. But it was the best food I ever had. Will made sure we had everything, even down to the last sparkling grape juice! Then that night we hit up some shops and had to stop by Lego Land! It was a great night. We got up Saturday and did the whole thing all over again. Then on Sunday we decided to head home, but not before hitting up the beach with some old friends for 4 hours. It was such a beautiful day out side and soo hot. We both got pretty hot tan lines and sunkissed cheeks. I had so much fun for my birthday. Now ... how am I going to top THAT for Will's birthday. Its the 21st of this month! Any ideas?

I only have a few pictures, since we didnt want to take our nice expensive camera in the park we finished off the last diposible one from our honey moon and took a few with Will's phone. ENJOY!

I built this all by myself for William!

Thank you William so much for this last weekend. It was so fun. I love you so much and couldnt be happier to be married to my love!

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  1. Looks like you guys had a blast!!! glad you had a fabulous birthday you deserve it girl!!!


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