Monday, March 22, 2010


If your a gal and you hate the gym there is another option. Since most us girls really need cardio more than anything you should check out zumba. I am sure you have heard of it and know what it is. I know when I first did I was like oh cool, and brushed it off. Then a few of my friends had me try it. One time and I was hooked for sure. I bought a pass the next day and am going or at least trying to go every night. Its amazing and you really get a awesome work out! Really, I am still sore. So if you are interested leave me a comment ill tell you the details or visit its so fun and the instructor is freaking ADORABLE.

Just do it.

Love, Tere Shake

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  1. I freakin' love it too! I hate the gym cuz it's a meat market, but this is a blast. I don't have to feel bad about those oreos anymore.


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