Monday, November 9, 2009

long time no see.

Long post.
So for the last month we have been so so busy! We went to California to pick get us some jet skiis. I am totally stoked about them. So we go to get them, and the trailer is TRASHED! Needless to say we didnt get them that weekend, we went to the beach and to a movie at FOX TV's personal theater. (ya we have hook ups.) Will's Aunt Sue was so kind and let us stay at her condo in L.A. Her friend Nancy was the one that took us to FOX. She works there. We saw Ameilia Earhart. Such a good movie. Then we were on our way back home, only to go back for Halloween weekend!

These pictures are not in order and i didnt wanna take the time to put them there. We went to a place called The Grove, Halloween night. We went to a movie and shopped a bit. The grove is similar to the Gateway Mall only more upscale and a lot bigger. It was a blast.

We went to Santa Monica Pier earlier that day! Sat at the beach all day and took a nap. It was so much fun. We people watched, ate some food, took pictures, and loved every minute.

We went and picked up these puppies! It took some time because the storage place decided to park two things on both sides of us so we couldnt even get the old trailer out. So we had to pick each Jet Skii up by hand and pull it out of the slot. LAME. But it all worked out and were so thankful to have such great family to help us out.
This is my sexy hubby, he forgot to pack socks, a hat, and shoes for this trip. Smart guy i tell you. Sooo we went shopping. ha

Just your ol' Beach Bums hanging out. This was the first week we went to Cali. We had a blast both weeks and cant wait to play with our new toys. Especially because now we will be able to go to lake powell, stay on our house boat, have my dad's regular boat, and our 2 jet skiis. PARRRTAY!

Hope you have a great week!


  1. So fun Tere! Brett wants jet skiis so bad. I am glad you are having fun!

  2. How fun! I LOVE your zebra sunglasses!! So cute!!

  3. bout time you posted geez......... jk i love you and miss you lets get together soon ya? maybe do a sesh?


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