Sunday, October 18, 2009

who wants to hear a short funny story???

here goes...

we have not made it 6 months.

my grandma called last night and said " tere I didnt miss your 6 months. you have not been married 6 months."

So I count...

june, july, august, september, OCTOBER!

YUP only been 5 so.. happy 5 months.. i guess this means more gifts next month.

hahah typical us.

love tere


  1. Oh my goodness. Well, Happy 5 months T!

  2. Ha ha, you are awesome!
    I was just telling Matt yesterday that we really need to get together with you guys! Sorry we are so lame.


  3. bwahahaha oh best friend. you are funny!

  4. Tere, Would a few of your girls at Kiss and Make-up be able donate their time to Junior Miss this year on November 14th from 5-7? (HA! Yes I am posting this on yor blog because I don't have your email. :) hehe sowwy!

  5. wait we get more presents at six months?!


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