Friday, October 2, 2009


I hate the cold.

I hate the snow.

I absolutly hate the frost on my windsheild, and trying to scrap it off with an old cd that I dont listen to much, because hello, I live in the "warm" STG and who the crap owns a snow scrapper here?

Come to think of it.. that would be a good investment, and save me money from having to go buy the cd I had just ruined trying to get frost off my windows....

But on the bright side...

I am in love with sweaters. (which I really only have like 2)

I love Scarfs, Boots, Mittins, and Cute Coats.

I love the gorgeous colors of the leaves.

I look forward to having hot chocolate in the mornings with my hubby.

And cuddling up at night in a sweat outfit and a blanket, with a sexy husband, and one hyper dog. That sometimes ruins the cuddling part :) but we love him anyway.

I look forward to being able to go boarding, now that I am out of school. And showing off some of my sweet moves.

So I suppose the cold and absolutly freezing weather is good for somethings. I just wish it would stay for like 2 months and then warm back up again. mmmmm perfect weather. I should be mother nature. (maybe ill look into that.)

Well have a good weekend all and enjoy the freezing - ness of it all.

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  1. i agree! yay to cute sweaters, cuddling and hot chocolate! boo to icy windsheilds, getting sick and yucky weather!! :)


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