Monday, October 12, 2009


This last week a few changes have taken place.

I quit my job at Ultimate Image Tanning. SOO weird. Shocking I know. I have worked there for 4 years and 8 months. SOO long and now its over. With everything going on I figured it was time for a change. Also time for a break.

Ill still be working at Bingham and Snow, and also at Kiss and Makeup doing hair. I am so excited because my mother has also started to work at Kiss and Makeup with me. I am soo excited that she gets to work with me. I love hanging out with her.

So now my days consist of going for a walk in the mornings..
cleaning the house and pretending to be busy.. and sitting in jammies till 2:30 when its time to get ready for Bingham and Snow. I love it so far. I get to hangout and play with Armani all day. Its a blast.

So that is life thus far. Will comes home for lunch and we get to hangout then, Its fun to still be so much in love! Anyway just a quick update. Have a good week!

love, tere.


  1. yay for changes! boo for being bored! we will have to play!

  2. Tere!! It sounds like you have a life like me kinda now!! :) I love it!!! Lots of hanging out and lunches for us?? yeah??!! :) :)

  3. what?! i dont know what they will do without you there! thats exciting though!


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