Monday, September 21, 2009

wedding and our new garden

A few weekends ago we went to my sister Brandi's wedding. It was a fairy tale wedding that was absolutely adorable. She had fairy's as ring bearer/ flower girls, and they did a fun dance up to the stand.. where they were married. It was so fun to be able to attend her wedding and to see my foster family again! Here are a few pictures from that...
Me and my sissy Felicia
Brandi and her new hubby

Perfect fairy tale weddingI love this picture of them
Striaght out of the book:)
The 2 hottest people at the wedding.


We decided to plant a garden. That way we will have the yummiest and freshes veggies and fruits ever. On Saturday we hauled the dirt, the dirt mix, and the top soil in. Went and purchased all the goods and started to plant. Our garden is 6x12 feet and looks amazing. We planted strawberry's, lettuce, sweet peas, peppers, red potato's, onions, and lots more. Will did most the planting, but hey someone had to make us some lunch :) So that was fun.

Will planting!Our little helper. SO CUTE!
YUM! couldn't even wait for it.

The finished garden that looks absolutely delicious and fabulous. Wish us happy harvesting. I hope they all will grow!(oh and just so you know... Will put the bricks in there just for me... T is for TERE! haha jk its stepping stones!)

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  1. Tere you are so lucky to have a garden named after you!!! How fun for you two to grow a garden!! It'll test you to see if you are ready to grow babies haha!! Me and Trev failed our test we had to get rid of our dog but whatevs, we're still havin one! :) I'm so sad I missed seeing you the other day!! :( But call me sometime and we'll go to lunchy or somethin!!


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