Friday, September 18, 2009

Almost made it thru dinner without...


Yes i am the crazy fat lady that puts this on everything. i have to . its delicious. Will makes fun of me because i seriously have to put it on all my dinners. i eat it with pizza, fries, burritos, chick'n patties, burgers, salads, veggie pizza, just about EVERYTHING. and i load it up. soo yummy. so last night we made veggie pizza, which already has the taste of ranch because of the mix, but it wasnt enough. Will asked if i was gonna need ranch.. *sigh* no i can go without tonight.. 1 bite later i was at the fridge bottle in hand. Will just laughed. but hey.. i almost made it thru. and this lady's and gentlemen is what we like to call.. PROGRESS.

Slowly but Surely.


  1. haha oh tere you make me giggle! ♥

  2. I hope you don't really eat the kind in your picture, cause there are MUCH better options available! (I would know-I'm a ranch connoisseur (SP) too!

  3. ha ha ha You are a nut bird. I love it.


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