Monday, August 17, 2009

Well we did it!

We finally sucked it up and got us some tattoos! They are amazing and we love everything about them! Will got some sweet wrench cross tatoos with the german flag on his lower arm, and I got this furocious Tiger on my upper arm! Its seriously the best tatoo I have ever seen.

Will getting his done. He says it didnt hurt but you didnt see his after picture.

I aint afraid, ill tell you.. It hurt like Heck!

Finished Product.

little closer of the Tats. ha

Oh and our friends Steph and Matt came along
and got matching bar codes..
If you have not figured out by now they are all just air brush designs. But freakin sweet ones. ha. we went to the fair on Saturday night to go and watch my Dad's band play. After we went and played a few games, didnt ride any rides, and got our tattoos. I asked how much to do my whole arm, and the lady was all "I dont think we have time for that" so that was sad. Will and I wore them to church the next day and this crazy lady thought mine was real. What a freak. ha. Who would get a tiger on their arm? sorry if you have one. ha. anyhow we had a blast hanging out with our friends and sharing our first tattoo experiences.

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