Friday, August 21, 2009


So Laura from Forevermore Events posted our wedding on her blog. We hired her as out wedding planner and it was a wonderful idea. They did practically everything to make our day amazing. Here are a few photos and comments that she had.

Great Gatsby Wedding

Ring Ceremony Set up

Maid of Honor cousin, Chelsey

The Beautiful Shoes
A Fun Pop of Aqua and Green with Jewels

The ring bearer, Holly

The Wedding Cake
Bridal Cakes by Yvonne

The Floral
Gorgeous Towering Arangements by Becky Richards (my mother)

The Table Decor
Beautiful Osterich Feathers with Elegant Black and White Damask Linen

The First Dance
Mr and Mrs William Shake

The Father Bride Dance
An Emotional Bob and Tere

The Send Off
Aqua and Lime Green Ribbon Wands

The Get Away Car
The Green "Thing"

Will and Tere....your photo's say it was a "GREAT' Gatsby wedding!
I wish you all the best that life has to offer and more.....
We were so lucky to have Laura and to work with her. She was Great. Thanks to Toni Rowley as well for the wonderful Photos. She did amazing, and it was so fun to work with her also.


  1. OH MY HECK! GORGEOUS pictures!! I love them!!

  2. Cute! Looks as gorgeous as I imagined... I need some help where did you get your hair piece?! I was giong to make mine but I am a bit too stressed out to do that and running out of time :)


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