Friday, August 14, 2009

long update post.

So its been forever since i have posted last! like really. 10 whole days to be exact. ha. Anyways just wanted to update (cuz i know my grandparents and other family reads this) and let you all know were doing good.

We had the UFC fights at our house last week Saturday and it was so much fun. We had a good 20 or so people there. Tons of food and the cutest freakin baby! Our friends Jordan and Josh had baby Boston about a month ago and she brought him over. Holy cow i so wanted a baby after seeing him. He is absolutly the cutest thing i have ever seen. But of course Will said no. haha. But I didnt really want one. I want a doggy. Then I would be content for at least 2-3 years which is how long were waiting. OK so maybe its 3-4 years. But that is ok too. ha. Sadly the only picture I got of the whole night was of Baby Boston.
This is cute baby boston!

Will has been busy with work and going to Vegas alot for it. He is terribly happy with his car right not and just had a roll cage put in. I dont even know what the big deal about it is, but it seems to be pretty amazing especially cuz he got the back seat to fit in as well as the roll cage. I just looked at it and said "no one can even fit in the back" he says that is the point its just for looks?? So that is cool I suppose. All his friends say its pretty Sick. So I guess its cool for a car thing. Also he got 1200 dollar Porche breaks. I dont know who in their right mind spends that kind of money on breaks, but I guess I spend about that in clothes, shoes, and purses every 3 months or so. Other than that he finally got a canvas up in the garage which I love. I love that we have his friends come over and we all just hangout in the garage and I sit while they paint. Its so fun to see him with his friends and to see his creative side. No cops yet so that is definatly a plus.

Will's car. You can see the roll cage in back window.
Cant really see it in this one but its a good picture.
Inside Photo of the roll cage and you can see the back seat also.
I have been busy with work and work. I love working at the tanning salon. Its so much fun. I love all the girls that work here and the friendships I have made with them. Even tho we are dead slow and all I do is make sure the salon is clean and blog its fun. I love to interact with different clients and hear the stories that they have to tell. I also am in love with my hair salon. I love everything about hair. I love the way that I know if you cut this part it will look like this. I love to do color. I love to visualize the way its going to look and have it come out perfect. I love the girls from the salon and am so blessed to be able to work in a salon where every girl is so fun and outgoing. I also just applied for another job at a law firm. They say they will let me know today whether I got it or not. Its only for 10hrs a week. So not to bad at all. I will be working after Ultimate Image. So just from 3-5 every day. Which is perfect cuz then I dont sit and wait for Will to get off work. I hate not being busy. My beautiful mother sent me flowers at work the other day and I loved it. I love to get flowers. She is so sweet and thoughtful. I am so thankful for her and all that she does for me. Other than that I have just been hanging out.

We are both still happy to be married, but it is such a challenge too. Its hard to get to know the others needs and wants, compared to your own needs and wants. But I am glad that I got married. It has been such a learning experience for us both. We are hopfully planning a cruise in November to Ensenada. Its just a short cruise from San Diego to Ensenada back to San Diego. We would choose to go on a longer one but were going with Will's brother Stephen and his girlfriend Jessica and some other friends that are in school so it has to be a short one and on a weekend. But it will definatly be a blast! Then hopefully next year sometime we can take a 12 day cruise thru Europe. That is my dream right now anyway. We are planning to go to warp tour in California, but we will see if that really happens. Other than that we have no life. In bed by 10 and asleep by 11. That is if were lucky. ha. Usually my mother will call, or my brother, or someone will text me, and that keeps us up. But not for long. Were also looking for a good TV series to watch. Since Heroes doesnt come back on for like EVER! so if you know of any let me know!

Well thanks for reading. Have a great weekend!

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