Monday, July 27, 2009


So lake powell was a blast.. besides Will not being there it was amazing. The weather was amazing, the company, the friends, the family, the water. Everything. The boat had a few problems but not to bad. We boarded, tubed, swam, jumped off cliffs, and ate.. alot.

Now the struggling part.

Who puts their cell phone in the side of their swimming suit bottoms?

yes, I do.

Who goes to catch the side of the boat with her leg where her cell phone is being held?

yes, I do.

Who lost their phone the first day at lake powell 26 ft under water RIGHT next to the house boat?

Oh my GOSH! I freakin did.

SOO needless to say I still do not have a cell phone. I have been with out one since Wed of last week. It is the worst feeling ever. I have lost all communication. I have lost all my contacts (friends, family and clients) I have lost all pictures. I have lost a life. But dont you worry. I had a burial for the phone and everything. So needless to say, i was the joke of the weekend.

Oh and I lost my sunglasses. Who dives into the lake wearing her favorite zebra Dolce sunglasses?

Yes! I DO!

ill post some pictures once I can get my moms phone. I took pictures on her phone. Because i didnt use my camera.. Because i suck.

Hope your 24th was just as amazing, or even better than mine!

Ps... i should have a phone for sure by wed. Hopefully.. so text me your number with your name!


  1. oh tere you are so funny! i am sorry you lost your phone! i couldnt live without mine!

  2. Awe man that is not fun at all!! I lost my phone at tucahn a couple weeks ago, but luckly they found it! I will text you my number! By the way, i love reading your blog, it's so fun haha.


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