Monday, July 20, 2009

Just Things

Bored at work. Jobs are all done. Floors mopped. Bathroom cleaned. No laudry to be done. Beds cleaned. So now just posting things. May be fun to read, may not be but it shall keep me entertained.

Thing #1- In exactly 2 days (wednesday) ill be in a swim suit for 3 days straight on the beautiful lake of Powell. Its going to be amazing. No work, no drama. Just me, my family, and 15 others. (neighbors, friends, etc) I love my family, and cant even believe how blessed I am to have all of them in my life. My mother is insanley funny. My father is my hero, and so fun to hang out with, my brothers are nothing short of amazing. They are both so fun to hangout with for sure. Grandparents make life complete.
Thing #2- I still cant believe Michael Jackson died. It is insane to me. I am hoping it was all fake and that he will be like Tupac. Some one will see him on some far away island, and he will be like "oh the jig is up" and come back and do his tours, and ill have a million dollars by then to pay to go see him in europe. (wishful thinking for sure) Thing #3- My grandma richards will be going to Oregan for a month.. We shall miss her. Thing #4- Any married couples wanna go to our cabin the 1st weekend in Aug? Like that Friday and Saturday. We will have dinner, breakfast, hangout, watch scary movies. We also have 6 four wheelers, a go kart, and it sleeps 8 :) let us know via email or text.

Thing #5- My brother Christopher is amazing. I love him. He is so funny and makes me laugh. He is such a great kid and I cant wait to see him grow more.
(not to mention he is single. Want him?? let me know. I am willing to sell for a reasonable price)Thing #6- Still doing hair. So if your interested let me know. I am pretty much amazing. Not even gonna lie bout it:)

Thing #7- My house is almost decorated. I just have the guest room left. I am looking for one lousy thing and cant find it! If you know where a iron square thingy is that you can hang on the wall.. let me know.

Thing #8- Temple night tomorrow. That should be nothing short of amazing. I love to go to the temple. It clears my head and helps me relax a little bit, and not worry so much about life. Because I know that when this life ends ill be living in eternity with all the riches, and blessings my father in heaven has promised us, so why take life so seriously, and think that we need everything, when in fact we will have it soon enough.
Thing #9- I love my hubby. Even tho we fight sometimes about stupid things, he will always be my companion for eternity, and I am stoked on it. Thing #10- This will make Will freak.. But I seriously love babies right now. Everyone and there freaking dog is pregnant or just had a baby. They are all so cute. I want one. Just not now. In like 3 years. Used to be 4. But I just changed it :)

Well I think that is all the things I can bore you with right now :) have a wonderful 24th of July, I hope your all with who you love and doing what you love most.


  1. Was the first paragraph just for me?? LOL You are too stinkin funny!! I'm shooting 2 newborns today...that'll make you change your timeframe again-they are amazing! Love ya!

  2. dont think babies....because ben and i have decided that once the friends start thinking babies we will start thinking babies and i dont want kids for like ever ha ha i love you and miss you guys!


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