Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 months

Month # 2
Its still going wonderful. I got asked the other day by a family friend if we were still in the whole "Honeymoon" stage. I laughed and just said "well it depends on how angry he makes me that day."

Over all though I would say yes. Were still madly in love, we like to hold hands all the time, kiss all the time, and always be touching. Or making eye contact. Its such a fun time. Just yesterday my grandmother was saying to us "Will, stop kissing her. I don't want to see you guys kiss again." jokingly of course. But it was funny.

The hardest part of marriage is getting used to each other and actually having to live with them. I mean yes of course when dating you most likely had a sleep over with each other and made some assumptions like "oh this will be easy, being married." Or have gone on family trips together and thought " they get along with my family so well. Marriage is going to be a cake walk for us" But once you actually are married, and living with that person, it brings out the best and defiantly the worst of people. We have stupid little fights like "that is not how you hang up a shirt." Or fold the towels right." You need to turn the lights off" etc. But like I said just little fights. If you can even call them fights. Its defiantly a learning experience for the both of us. And the greatest opportunity ever. I love William so so much and am so grateful that god planned on us "hooking up". I know that I couldn't have been happier with a different boy. He makes me laugh uncontrollably, he is still dancing ridiculously, he helps me with things around the house, he makes funny jokes, but best of all we have our "pillow talk" most every night. We always watch a movie at night and start to fall asleep during it, but once we turn it off we can not fall asleep for the life of us. That is when Will gets crazy and does or says funny stuff. I am so in love with this boy.

Another hard part was that we lost alot of friends by getting married. We lost a lot of good (single) friends. Some times we see them and we talk but for the most part have gone separate ways. But we have DEFIANTLY gained a lot of different friends. Lots of married friends and its so so fun to be able to hang out with them. Most importantly for me I believe I have gained my BESTEST friend from this whole thing, even better I get the chance to be married to him.

We still love the temple and the church. We know if we keep God in our triangle of love we will be just fine. We pay our tithing and are never running out of money. Were so blessed to have the jobs that we do and to make the money that we do, to keep our wonderful lifestyle that we are living. Well at least the money Will makes. Ha. I don't contribute that much.. or at all. I get to spend all the money I make. But we are so so blessed to live when we do, with the families were with and the friends we have. Thank you all for blessing us. Till next time. Have a great week.

I had to put up this picture. It was a wonderful day in our life and it shows all of our wonderful friends and family that we get the opportunity to have for time.

In a friends wedding the Sealer told them that this is a "Once in an Eternity" chance.

I love that saying and agree with it completely. I am excited to have Will for Eternity.

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