Friday, July 3, 2009

AND...He's Home

I couldnt be happier to be with my hubby again. I was really selfish while he was gone and just wanted him to be back in St. George. I shouldnt be selfish. Especially when he is working his freakin butt off to maintain our life style. But I cant help it. I love William and am soo very happy to be with him, and that he married me.
Some of the Million things I love bout William
He is goofy
He like to eat? ha
He kisses me, lots and its my fav.
He works soo hard
Most of all he married me, and is mine for time and all eternity.
I know you probably think i am a freak. haha but i am just fine with that. Love you! Have a great fourth. And this will be MY last post for a bit :) ill have will show you picutres of what he and the boys did over the last few days. He showed me pictures and it is seriously insane what they did. Good job boys... Especially William.

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