Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

For the weekend we went up to my family's cabin. We went four wheeling, ate at the Branding Iron (which is amazing!) and just relaxed. It was so much fun. Will and I stayed an extra day there and didnt come home till Sunday. It was such a good short vacation, especially because Will was gone like the whole week before. We made lots of memories, and laughed a lot. We stayed in bed most of sunday and watched movies!
This is us four wheeling. Yes we look dirty.

Down by the river :) Will was very impressed with the river. HA!

I have a picture of our dinner we had on saturday night, but it wont up load. Ill have to try again later it tells me. ha. But it is hilarious. We made Veggie sandwiches but my mother accidentally took the bread home with her so it was a Veggie sandwich with a lot of ...well Veggies. Will says its super Blog worthy. SO i need to figure out how to up load it :)

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